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Landscaping Services

We can provide advice on how to maximise your outdoor space to its full potential! B3 Landscapes can assist in creating low-maintenance gardens to suit each of our customers. Whether it is for a new or existing home, our range of services can cater to all customers and we can help to achieve your goals into fruition. We can also provide one-off garden tidy ups if you have let your outdoor space get out of control or just need a helping hand! If there is something you require that is not listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can assist if possible. We start all of our landscaping and maintenance services with an initial on-site consultation to evaluate how we can best modify our service to suit your goals, interests and budget.

Small Tree & Stump Removal

Efficient and professional tree and stump removal services for a clear and pristine landscape.


Levelling Ground

Achieve a level and even ground for your landscaping projects with our expert ground leveling services. 


Green Waste Removal

Reliable green waste removal services to keep your property clean and eco-friendly, leaving no trace behind.


Plant Installation

Enhance your landscape with our expert plant installation services, bringing beauty and life to your outdoor space. 


Lawn Aeration

Revitalize your lawn with professional lawn aeration, promoting healthy root growth and vibrant, lush grass. 


Garden Restoration

Revive your garden’s beauty and functionality with our expert restoration services, rejuvenating your outdoor space. 


Pressure Cleaning

Remove dirt and grime with our professional pressure cleaning services, restoring the cleanliness and freshness of your surfaces. 


Garden Design

Transform your outdoor space with our artistic garden designs, creating a harmonious and captivating landscape tailored to your vision. 



Protect and nourish your plants with our premium mulching services, promoting healthy growth and conserving moisture in your garden. 


Weed REmoval

Eliminate pesky weeds and restore the beauty of your landscape with our expert weed removal services. 


Garden Edges & Borders

Perfect your garden with our precise and stylish garden edges and borders, adding a polished touch to your outdoor space. 


Lawn Installation

Transform your yard with our professional lawn installation services, creating a lush and vibrant green landscape for your enjoyment. 

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At B3 Landscapes, we believe in personalized service. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your dream outdoor project with our experts. 

Our Services

Maintenance Services


Hedging & Pruning

Shape and maintain your hedges with our expert hedging and pruning services, ensuring a neat and visually appealing landscape. 


Lawn Maintenance

Maintain a pristine lawn with our comprehensive services, ensuring healthy growth and a well-manicured appearance. 


Green Waste Removal

Efficiently remove green waste from your property, leaving it clean and environmentally friendly. 


Weed Removal & Prevention

Eliminate and prevent weeds from overtaking your landscape with our effective weed removal and prevention services. 



Revitalize your lawn with aeration, improving soil health and promoting lush, vibrant grass growth for a picture-perfect landscape. 


Fertilising & Soil Boosters

Nourish your plants with our premium fertilizing and soil booster services, enhancing their health and vitality for a thriving garden.